Dental anxiety and fear of needles are common barriers to dental treatment. Fear is among the top three reasons people avoid the dentist, according to the American Dental Association.

Even though dental technology has introduced a wide range of devices designed to increase comfort during dental treatments, lingering fears seem perfectly reasonable to the patients who experience them.

It is important to Dr. Dennis Rinaldi that patients feel as though their fears and concerns are acknowledged. He also views it as his duty to help patients overcome those fears so they can receive the beneficial dental treatments needed to keep mouths healthy.

One effective tool that Dr. Rinaldi uses to make injections of local anesthetic more comfortable is Vibraject. This innovative dental tool clips onto a syringe and creates a mild vibration. It forces the brain to sense the feelings of vibration first, lessening the sensation of the dental injection. In other words, it’s difficult to feel two things in the same area at the same time. The vibrations help mask any injection discomfort.

Patients often tell us that they don’t feel like they’ve had an injection at all.