Conservative dental treatment saves more natural tooth structure, it’s less invasive, and it typically costs less. DIAGNOdent is a laser cavity scanner that makes conservative treatment possible in more cases involving dental caries. It is helpful in checking individual teeth – particularly back teeth with no previous fillings or signs of decay.

Detecting decay early can mean the difference between a simple filling now, or a root canal in the future. DIAGNOdent also can help rule out decay in cases where a tooth simply is stained.

DIAGNOdent uses a pen-like laser to instantly, accurately and comfortably measure fluorescence in tooth structure. Healthy teeth have little to no fluorescence at the wavelength the laser operates. The greater the degree of caries, the higher the fluorescent reading will be. This level of fluorescence is measured numerically, which makes it possible for Dr. Dennis Rinaldi to not only detect decay, but also to gauge how much decay is present.

Using this technology to identify dental caries in its earliest stages enables Dr. Rinaldi to make more precise treatment decisions. Based on his findings, he may opt to monitor the tooth and provide preventive treatment, or to remove the decayed area and fill the tooth. DIAGNOdent helps prevent over- or under-treatment.

Other Diagnostic Tools

For all of the benefits that DIAGNOdent provides, it is not a replacement for digital X-rays in identifying and monitoring other oral health issues. It simply is an added tool to traditional methods for helping dentists keep your teeth healthy for life.