Teeth Whitening

Dr. Dennis Rinaldi offers two methods of professional teeth whitening that are proven to deliver dramatic results:

Opalescence by UltraDent (home-bleaching system)

Opalescence can grant you a confident and dazzling smile- easily. A customized whitening tray and a potent whitening gel combine to reach the inner layers of teeth and dissolve discolored molecules. Oxygen molecules work with the active whitening agents in the Opalescence gel to break down extrinsic and intrinsic stains and unveil bright and beautiful teeth. Simply wear the whitening tray overnight, or select a stronger concentration and wear it a few hours each day.

Opalescence does more than boost the appearance of your teeth. It nourishes them. The gel contains fluoride and potassium nitrate. Fluoride reinforces the enamel and protects against cavities, while potassium nitrate helps to reduce sensitivity. Depending on your lifestyle and whitening needs, there are several Opalescence systems you can choose from. Consult with Dr. Rinaldi to learn what method is best for you.