Teeth in a Day Implants

Are you missing multiple teeth? Tooth loss affects more than facial aesthetics. When  teeth are missing, it may elicit a variety of negative dental health consequences, like gum disease, malocclusion, added jaw joint strain and jaw bone deterioration.

Teeth In A Daydramatically benefits patients with multiple loose, missing or decayed teeth. This procedure will interest patients who want to eliminate or reduce the normal waiting period before their implants can be restored.

Dr. Dennis Rinaldi offers a variety of tooth replacement options, including restorations on dental implants. Because of their permanence and effectiveness, dental implants are recognized as the ideal solution to tooth loss. We are proud to provide traditional dental implant restorations and Teeth in a Day™.

What Makes Teeth In A Day™ Different?

Imagine having a healthy and complete smile in just one day. The popular Teeth in a Day™ method makes this wish a reality. With traditional dental implants, there is a waiting period for the implants (the posts that are surgically placed into the jaw bone) to fuse with the bone and become totally functional. This process usually takes a few months and may require multiple follow up appointments.

Teeth in a Dayoffers immediate tooth replacement on dental implants. Permanent fixed teeth are placed immediately on the implants, allowing patients to put their new teeth to work the same day surgery is complete. You never wear a removable denture during this procedure. Prior to the procedure, a 3-D scan of the jawbone is taken to determine optimal placement. On the day of implant placement, Dr. Rinaldi will place a temporary, non-removable tooth appliance custom made for your face and smile. You leave that same day with a stable, pleasing smile. In a few months, when the implants are totally fused to the bone, the temporary appliance will be replaced with a stronger permanent one. The time between these appliances allows you to request any changes to your teeth you would like regarding size, shape and color. The end result is a designed smile of your choice that is permanent.

Teeth in a Day™ implants exemplify how advances in dental technology are revolutionizing the way dentists address tooth loss. In just a few hours, you can have a new, complete smile that’s strong enough to last a lifetime and withstand your favorite chewy foods. Patients accustomed to dentures or who have never sought restorative treatment can once again experience life with permanent fixed teeth.

Patients of all ages can have this treatment. To see if you are a candidate and learn more about the benefits associated with the Teeth in a Day™ procedure, contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rinaldi.